This Thursday America will be celebrating Independence Day, the anniversary of the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776. Independence Day is usually associated with parades, concerts, and fireworks. Families usually celebrate this holiday by inviting friends over for a picnic or barbeque. Sending a Fourth of July gift to your host or to friends and loved ones will remind them of the origin of this national holiday. The gourmet snacks in a patriotic 4th of July gift basket will be well received by attendees in a picnic or barbequet. This post highlights two 4th of July gift baskets for all to enjoy.

1. America Beautiful Snack Gift Box:

This beautiful gift box proudly displays our beautiful American flag and overflows with all American traditional favorite snacks. You can find Planter peanuts, Oreo cookies, Skittles, Starburst, plain M & M’s, sweet tarts, microwave movie butter popcorn, cracker Jacks, Cheez-its, Chex-mix, Twizzlers licorice, mini chips a Hoy cookies, and a book entitled I Pledge Allegiance. The book is a 60 page hard cover book of inspirational stories of strength, courage and heroism in America. This gift box provides a patriotic and delicious way to send along with your good wishes.

2. American Pride Gourmet Gift Basket:

This stained wicker basket is filled with red, white and blue color-coordinated gourmet foods such as Wisconsin Swiss cheese, Bavaria beef salami and beef summer sausages, white yogurt covered pretzels, a sideboard creamy chocolate cheesecake, individually wrapped peppermint candy puffs, cajun spice dip mix, two boxes of Dangold delicious water crackers, wild Alaska smoked salmon, and all natural baked pita chips. The basket is beautifully wrapped with a matching red, white and blue hand made bow. Your recipients can watch fireworks and munch on something that is delicious and patriotic. What a great way to celebrate our nation’s birthday!

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