When you are setting up the nursery for your newborn baby boy, the first choice you need to make is the theme. There are a lot more baby boy bedding themes to choose from, but below I have listed the most popular.

Sports Bedding: Most father just love the idea of tossing the ball around with their son some day. They would just love for their son to one day become a hot draft pick. With sports bedding, you can start encouraging him from an early age.

Jungle Bedding: Jungle animals come in many shapes and sizes. Their furs often have fun, exotic patterns. Think monkeys, tigers and giraffes. The fur colors and patterns will help to cater to your baby’s imagination, and his senses will definitely be excited. It’s also very easy to find stuffed jungle animals to decorate the nursery with.

Stars and Moon Bedding: Maybe you don’t want such a vibrant environment for your baby boy like the jungle theme. In that case, consider the stars and moon theme. This theme will make a very soothing sleeping environment for your baby.

Cartoon Bedding: Cartoon characters speak to people’s imagination, whether they are small or big. In adults they tend to stir up lovely memories of our younger years. With a cartoon based theme, you could start your boy’s fond memories from a very early age. A great sub-theme people often choose here is classic Winnie the Pooh nursery bedding.

Boats, Cars and Planes Bedding: Many, many boys are completely fascinated with vehicles. If you give your nursery a transportation theme, you will cater to this fascination. Teach your boy at a young age that man can now travel on the ground, through water or even through the sky!

Choosing one of these baby boy bedding themes will make dressing up the rest of the nursery child’s play. There will be lots of options when it comes to wallpaper and toys.

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