Love your child long before it’s born if you want it to grow healthy and happy. It has been long ago scientifically proven that, even in the womb of mother, children not only hear the music and express their emotions with facial expressions, but also feel the mood of their mother.

When mother wraps up her baby with a cashmere baby blanket or baby fleece blanket, the child feels not only its warm, but also the warm of mother’s arms, the energy of her love. I remember being a child, when my mother went to work, I wore her dressing gown. And to grandmother I said that I missed mom, and the dressing gown smelled like her. I know mothers who delivered homemade baby blankets to the hospital where their babies were lying, so that they helped them to recover faster.

There was a time when (I remember it well) it was considered right to swaddle infants tightly. But it turned out that at that age, the more rapidly movements are developed, the more successfully intelligence improves. So think the modern doctors, physiologists and psychologists. In order for the child not to be uncovered by accident in a dream, the designers came up with baby blankets in the form of a bag with a zipper on top (HALO Sleep Sack). A baby can move legs freely without being uncovered.

In every family where there are children, as a rule, there are embroidered baby blankets which were never used for their intended purpose. Personalized baby blankets are hung on a wall or simply kept as a memento. I really like baby blankets which can be hidden in a toy (now available in two variations: pink and blue teddy bears and hares). Due to the fact that the year 2011 is the year of the cat and RABBIT, these cute baby blankets-toys will be liked, I’m sure, even much more. Such a baby receiving blanket is very well suited for a gift, but for daily use more suitable are, if it’s hot, organic baby blankets (cotton baby blanket, satin baby blanket, knitted baby blankets from non-dimensional threads), if it’s chilly – chenille baby blanket, wool baby blanket , fleece baby blanket.

For walks with a baby outdoors in the park there’s a special baby stroller blanket. You can make a handmade baby blankets to your taste, but, more importantly, is to necessarily fasten them well. Because children grow up very quickly, begin to get up, sit down, stand up, and you won’t notice how instead of baby security blanket it’ll be necessary to buy jeans for them.

The more so because you’ll have to buy soon not only children’s jeans, but also a school bag – children grow up quickly. We advise parents to familiarize themselves with an assortment of school bags and look closely at other children’s school bags on the street beforehand. There are so many of them, different in shape, color, size, number of belts etc. The design of school bags has to be liked by children, the strength and price of them – by you.

And meanwhile kids are fast asleep, carefully covered with baby blankets. The more comfortable and relaxed kids feel underneath baby blankets, the longer they will sleep and their mothers have a break from sleepless nights.

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