Army Toys

Military service has been a tradition for generations. Men and women have served their country and given their lives for our freedom. However, as with military life, there comes a time when war happens and it can be at any time, as we know today. With so many children waiting for a parent to return, they can live out fantasies of heroes through the toys they play with. It helps them to have hope all will turn out well. In addition, with an assortment of army toys, boys and girls can play and know they will be a hero someday to.

Army guns.

Every army needs a firearm. A child can have fun all day with a plastic machine good at his side, shooting the imaginary enemy. It may be from another country or from an alien planet. For a younger child buy an inexpensive, high quality plastic machine gun with realistic sound. The parts are well made which cannot come lose with rough play of a small boy. If they want real ammo, get one that shoots foam bullets. There targets can be anything from their siblings to the cat. It will not cause any damage and they are fun to watch fly through the air.

For the older child, choose one that is made of sturdy metal. Made for rough play in the dirt and realistic look, this gun is a hardy, small version of the one a parent might carry in today’s army. They are weather hardy and non-toxic. If you can find a good product made in America, it is better for the child because of the laws surrounding the use of toxins and dangerous material for making the gun.

There are other choices from an army .45 hand gun to small army rifles. Collect series made as replica from each of the past wars. World War I, World War II and even the current wars, they range in different sizes for children to adults and are used as a way to relieve stress and live out a dream in a controlled environment.

Army transportation.

Everyone wants a good old army jeep, one of the first real vehicles that could stand up to the tough terrain of desert, jungle or mountain combat. It has changed many times throughout the years, but it is still one of the most popular army toys sold.

The tank is a dream of power and protection. Known as a fortress from the enemy, you can roll over cars and crush them flat or travel across water without getting wet. Collect tanks from different eras of war. Even tanks from different countries are available for collectors.

A well made German World War II tank will add beauty and excitement to any collections.

Army clothing.

Every child wants to have an army uniform of their own when they are ready to play hero. Small size army uniforms are carried at most children’s toy stores or you can order them online. Made of sturdy cotton material, these small uniforms come with ribbons and even small metals made of plastic to show their good deeds.

Green is the standard color, but now you can find the uniforms in camo. It helps the blend in with the landscape for desert or forest. Just be sure you have one bright item on your child, so you can find them when it is time for dinner.

Along with the uniform, children will need their own mess kit. This is a kit that contains a dish to eat out of, something to eat with and a cup to drink from. Most are made from sturdy plastic that will not break and is safe for eating real food from.

Army toys will always be popular with children and adults. Therefore, start a collection early and invest in the future.

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