A baby crib mobile might not be the most important item in your little one’s nursery but it certainly has a purpose.
If you need some tips on choosing a good one and want to know what to look for then read on.

Having a new baby in your life is an exciting and life changing experience. You may be thrilled to decorate that nursery and you should be. You can design and make it whatever you want it to be!

While most people may not think too much about the specific type of mobile you will add to the nursery, it’s worth thinking about especially since it can help you with the baby.

You can choose to pick one that will go with your nursery theme such as Snoopy or animal themed or something else that is fun, but you don’t need to stop there.

While a mobile can be quite traditional, there are many new options such as those that play music and make nature or wildlife sounds in combination with movement.

It’s important to note that they do not all come with these features. There are some new types of ceiling fixtures that simply hang but don’t really play music or move. They just sway with air circulation.

These are nice as well if you want something modern, however, do consider a traditional mobile that baby can actually be engaged with.

Mobiles that are placed over the crib within plain view of baby are much more likely to capture her attention and pique her interest in the figures or shapes.

Mobiles can serve an important purpose which is to play music for her when she doesn’t want to nap or to simply entertain her with sounds and movement.

It is this movement in fact, that can serve two purposes. One is to encourage reaching and grasping and the other is to help her practice focusing on objects as the baby mobile figurines move back and forth or around.

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