While there are many great ideas for baby shower favors, to some, it may seem that favors themselves are not particularly important at these functions. In fact, there are many localities where it is not considered necessary to hand out favors to guests at showers. In those cases, the thinking seems to be that the guests are here to shower love, attention and gifts on the mother-to-be and that they do not really expect anything in return. If your locality fits that profile, it would be quite acceptable to skip giving favors altogether. After all, there are no carved-in-stone rules about baby showers — much depends on the preferences of the expectant mother as well as local traditions.
On the other hand, giving out favors is the expected thing in many localities. Favors are small things but they allow the guests to relive and share in the joy of a new arrival. In such cases, you as the hostess should certainly scout around for the best ideas for baby shower favors. So what should you give as favors? That depends on the budget you have set, the mother-to-be’s preferences and what guests generally expect. If you are familiar with local custom and have attended many baby showers locally, you likely have a feel for what to give. Else just check with friends and family who are from the locality — they may often be the best sources for ideas for baby shower favors as far as your neighborhood goes. Incidentally, do remember that favors are not a substitute for thank you cards. Irrespective of whether you give out favors or not, you should always send out short (preferably handwritten) thank you cards to each of the guests after a baby shower.

There is no dearth of ideas for baby shower favors — small bunnies, ducky shaped soaps, colored almonds, scented candles, potpourri satchels, designer candles beautifully wrapped in tulle, little plastic baby dolls and much more. Consult the expectant mother to find out what resonates with her when deciding on the favors. Also consider the guests’ preferences and local practices. You can buy baby shower favors either at your local store or online. A great alternative is to make them yourself! Here’s a DIY shower favor idea — buy a supply of colored candies, colored ribbons and tulle. You can choose the colors to match any theme your party might have. Make small bunches of candies and wrap them in tulle. Tie them together with colored ribbons. You now have simple yet wonderful favors for your shower! Here’s another idea — make chocolates yourself shaped like baby items. Examples — pacifiers, bottles, teddy bears, rattles, etc, etc. Package them beautifully. Your favors are ready — and they’ll make the guests’ mouths water! There are many kinds of fragrant soaps you can purchase. You can package them in tulle and tie them up with ribbons (like the candies above). That’s another great favor to give out! Try out one of these ideas for baby shower favors. Your guests will love it.

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