There are many options when it comes to baby shower favors. These items can be cute or sentimental depending upon your preference. You can also have them customized to add a personal touch or to make them compatible with your baby shower ideas. You may choose favors that work as keepsakes or edibles. There are also many favors with everyday uses that can be personalized and made to fit with your baby shower theme or motif.

For instance, you may want to leave your guests with hand sanitizer with your own custom labels. Lip balm and soaps shaped as buttons and eggs are also cute and functional if you like gifts that are practical. You can even find notebooks with pens and bookmarks to give a more lasting party favor. Key chains and cookie cutters shaped like baby feet are as adorable as they are practical. Ice cream or cupcake towel favors also make memorable keepsakes.

Goodies are probably the most popular kinds of baby shower favors and come in a wide range of choices. Chocolate lovers may enjoy personalized products from Hershey’s or chocolate coins. Blue and pink lollipops in the shape of rattles may go over very well. Personalized goody bags are also a great parting gift while personalized candy jars allow you to decide what type of treats you will provide for your guests.

There is no limit to the things you can use as baby shower favors. Baby pacifier necklaces and mini plastic bottles are inexpensive but memorable items. Favors such as egg timers, honey pots and tins may cost a little more, but may be just the thing you want. You can also consider candles shaped as baby blocks, bottles or beehives. With so many choices available, you are bound to find something that goes along with your baby shower ideas.

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