When you think of the two most popular playthings for your kids, the names that come into your mind have to be Baby Stella and Leapfrog . These are considered as the two exciting and adorable playing items for the kids across the world. Those who are still not aware of these two things make sure to know about these and provide the items to your kids. They will like these for sure.

Baby Stella dolls are found in almost all houses where kids are there, as they love to play with these and spend some good time with these dolls. The main reason for the extreme popularity of these playing items is the design that is really funny. Along with the fun, the other reason that attracts the eyeballs of most of the children is the vibrant colours used for the products. Parents also trust these Baby Stella dolls, as they are reliable, safe and give the proper entertainment to their respective kids.

These are considered as one of the safest playing items as these do not contain any tiny detachable chunks that may cause choking menaces.
Most of the baby girls prefer to play with these dolls. There are facilities to change dresses and often the kit comes with more than 2 colourful dresses. Not only have the garments, the dolls come with other accessories such as hat, hair band, hair wigs and make-up kits. You can also buy these accessories separately from the market. These are manufactured in such a way that these look trendy and like fairies.

Another product that most of the kids adore and love to play with is the Leapfrog. It is a mini laptop specially designed and made for kids. Although this looks identical to a mini laptop, the features that are installed in it are not as complicated and made user friendly so that the kids can use this and have fun. This is easy to operate and helps the children understand the simple utilities of a computer.

There are inbuilt educational programs for the kids who have recently started to visit schools and thus it helps them to learn all the alphabets and digits with the help of colourful displays and shapes. There are games and puzzles installed in it so that they can enjoy their leisure time playing computer games. These games are designed in such a way that they give educational message and helps in developing the brain.
Thus, the verdict for the most favorite playthings for kids goes for both Baby Stella & Leapfrog


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