Baby’s sleep time is important for parents, because they too can sleep or rest in that duration. So for the
parents of twins, it is essential that both babies sleep at the same time.
Some suggestions for helping twins sleep at the same time:

Swaddling: If both babies were swaddled in light cotton wraps, the snug secure comfort would help them
settle easily.

Bedtime routine: Set a comforting bedtime routine and follow it every day at same time in same order.
Simple rituals like a light massage, warm bath, a story or a lullaby can make them realize the
approaching bedtime.

Maintaining same time: Parents should try to make both the babies sleep at the same time. Even during
day, their nap patterns should be kept same so that the same would be carried over to the bedtime.
Parents should allow the babies to learn to get to sleep by themselves. For this, the babies should be
kept on their bed while they are sleepy but not totally asleep. Gradually they should be left to sleep on
their own.

Twins in the same crib or cot: If both the babies are put in the same place together, their closeness and
physical touch can sooth them into sleeping without much waking up. If they were put into separate cots
when they grow a little, it would b better if they were positioned so as they can be aware of each other’s

Both the babies may not have same temperament. So, if one is quiet other could be a crybaby. So
naturally the parents try to soothe the crying one first. But getting less attention could make the quieter
one start whining. So experts suggest that parents should first give attention to the calmer baby before
attending to the crying one. (Generally crying of one of the twins doesn’t wake the other)

At night, conditions in baby’s room should be more conducive for sleeping, like dim lights, low noise etc.
Even when they wake up for feeding, parents should not talk, play or encourage twins to wake up
completely. For a little older baby (when the risk of SIDS is not much) a ‘transitional object’ like a toy or a
cloth/blanket can be given to soothe them back to sleep.

Babies should be given a lot of cuddling, holding, rocking etc during the day. This would soothe them
and babies won’t be much demanding during night.
Generally identical twins are ready to ‘sleep through’ the night at same age, but the fraternal twins may
have their own different sleep routines.

It would help to wake up the sleeping baby for feeding if the other one wakes up asking for feed.
If both babies cry with colic, get someone to help with both. Soothing methods like rub, bath, cuddling,
rocking should be tried to cope with colic.

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