Give Best Baby Shower Gifts That Touch the Heart of a New Mom
A baby shower is held to celebrate the nearing birth of a baby by a new mom. It can be a simple tea party, an intimate dinner, or a grand party with a theme, games, and souvenirs. Others deem baby showers as not important or just an added cost to their daily expenses. However, baby showers can be meaningful and helpful to the soon-to-be nursing mom. Baby showers actually prepare new moms in their first step of motherhood. Your role as a guest in a baby shower is to contribute in that preparation by giving the new mom the best baby shower gifts you can find. If the new mom is very close to your heart, warm her heart by giving her special and meaningful presents. Here are some ideas.

Food for Her Soul

Pregnant women come into a certain stage where they crave for certain sorts of foods. Whether the new mom is still at this phase in her pregnancy or has passed it already, cook healthy food for her which will be beneficial for her and her baby. You can also give her some of her favorites which her doctor does not prohibit her to eat during her pregnancy. Whether the new mom is your sister, cousin, best friend, or soul sister, your effort of cooking for her will be very much appreciated.


Any gift that is made by the own hands of the giver makes it more special, meaningful, and dear to the receiver. In most cases, the best baby shower gifts are the ones that are handmade. If you have the creative hand or the time to learn to create new things, you can make your own baby shower gift instead of buying. You will save more money this way. Some of the best baby shower gifts that are handmade are mittens, bibs, sweater, shirts, nursery lamps, stuffed animals, and other room decorations and toys. You can also make simple crafts that depict inspiring quotes for the new mom which she can hang anywhere on the nursery room. Again, the fact that you have made it yourself, just like cooking a meal, does not fail to warm the heart of a new mom.

Front Carrier

A new mom would face a transition period from being a single woman to being just a wife and now to being a wife and a mom. In this transition phase, she could find it difficult to do multiple things at the same time. The most common dilemma would be taking care of the baby while doing household chores. A front carrier for the baby is most useful as a solution to this dilemma. That is why, front carriers belong to the list of best baby shower gifts. They are one of the most wished-for gifts by new moms in baby showers. A front carrier does not only allow moms to do two things at the same time but it also gives the baby a sense of security and comfort near his or her mother’s heart.


One of the best baby shower gifts you can also give new moms is a book about parenting, motherhood, or nursing a baby. Apparently, no new mom is an expert in the field of motherhood already. She needs a lot of guidance and knowledge to master the craft. Books on the aforementioned topics will bolster her beginning as a mom.

Aside from informative books, you can also give new moms some picture books for her baby. Picture books are very useful in the development of a baby’s brain. A newborn baby may not be able to understand and respond to the stories in the picture books but reading to them can already make a great impact in the formation of their intellectual capacity. Spare new moms some spending by giving them the most recommended picture books, which could be expensive. The New York Library lists a hundred picture books that everyone should know. Some of them are Andy and the Lion by James Daugherty, The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle, Rumpelstiltskin by Paul O. Zelinsky, Puss in Boots by Charles Perrault, and The Polar Express by Chris van Allsburg.

Baby Essentials

The best baby shower gifts that warm a new mom’s heart also include baby essentials. These are often things that parents would need to buy on a regular basis to replenish the supplies for the baby. These essentials are what largely make up the cost of having a baby. Help the new mom and her husband alleviate the costs by giving them some baby essentials as your baby shower present. Some of these could be baby bath needs, milk bottles, baby clothes, diapers, pillows, toys, baby blankets, booties, a crib, or a stroller. The new mom would certainly be thankful for having some of the baby essentials for free which could help her and her husband start off smoothly with taking care of the baby.

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