A fiber optic cable is basically a type of network cable. It has an insulated casing containing strands of glass fibers. In order to make long distance and high bandwidth network communications possible these cables are specially designed. These cables use pulses of light to carry communication signals. If you want to buy fiber optic cable, you ought to remember that the item is quite expensive. However, despite being their high price, they are frequently used instead of the conventional copper wires. Two main reasons can be cited for their use over copper wires. Firstly, they offer more capacity and lastly, they are less vulnerable to electrical interference.

In today’s world, the so-called FTTH or Fiber to the Home installation is becoming quite popular. This is the name given to the process or idea to bring ultra high speed Internet service to people in their residences. The speed offered here is 100 Mbps or more in certain cases. This type of cable can be bought from local electrical item store. However, if you want to buy them sitting at the comfort of your house then you can simply browse the Internet to find a store selling such items.

There are different kinds of cables and connectors available in the market and it is important for you to have information about them in brief to choose the right item for your requirements. Fiber patch cables are quite popular as far as cables are concerned. These are optical or electrical cables used to make connection between two optical or electronic devices to route signals. Different types of patch cables include headphone extension cables, microphone cables, Tiny Telephone (TT) connector, RCA connector, XLR connector, ¼” TRS phone connector cables and modular Ethernet cables. The thicker and hose-like cords also known as snake cables are used to carry amplified and video signals. However, when you consider a typical patch cords, the picture that should come to your mind is that of short cords used with patch panels.

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