When you are expecting a baby the list of items you need soon becomes overwhelming. Babies need a lot of stuff! From clothes, towels and blankets to the more expensive items such as a bassinette, crib, stroller, high chair, car seat and more. The list seems to grow every day and it is easy to become frustrated and wonder where all the money is going to come from. Then you realize you forgot one of the most fundamental necessities a new baby will need – diapers, and everyone knows how expensive disposable diapers are.

Not only are disposable diapers expensive, you will need a constant supply of them and babies go through a lot. In fact, a newborn can go through ten to twelve diapers every day, this adds up in a hurry. However, there is a cheaper and better option that many people are now discovering that they actually prefer and that is cloth diapering. Many people envision soggy, wet cotton diapers like those of past generations, but today’s modern cloth diapers are nothing like those of years ago.

In fact, today’s cloth diapers are extremely cute and come in a wide variety of styles, designs, colors and patterns. Many of them fasten with either a hood and loop type closure, such as Velcro or they will use a system of plastic snaps that will allow you to adjust not only the tummy area, but the leg openings as well. These diapers are easy to adjust to get a perfect, custom fit every time. This not only keeps the diaper more comfortable for baby, but prevents leaks at the same time.

Even high-end boutiques sell today’s cute and convenient cloth diapers. No longer are they relegated to the fringe element of society, these are the popular option for many people. Whether you are looking for the healthiest and most comfortable diapering option for your baby, or you want to make a difference in regards to the ecological impact all those billions of disposable diapers have on the landfill, cloth diapering is a smart and affordable option.

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