The college football season has officially kicked off with a bang! The excitement is in the air every Saturday as die-hard fans prepare with anxiety, relentless spirit and pride to cheer for their favorite team. Every college football fan can testify to the excitement every Saturday morning brings between the months of September and December. If there is ever a  moment to kick back after a 40-50 hour work week, it is Saturday morning before everyone’s favorite team hits the field.  It is by far the most perfect excuse to spend time with friends and family without a single intention other than to get rowdy and let loose.

Inspired by the innate energy that is generated every Football Saturday, it is not uncommon for everyone to come together with their favorite snacks and drinks to make the most of every celebration.  Tailgating in the stadium parking lot, bar-b-ques in the back yard or pizza delivery every Saturday are the typical approaches to the weekly ceremonies.  If you know a fanatical college football fan, why not send them one of Gift Basket Scene’s sports gift baskets to wish them luck or maybe as a gesture of good sportsmanship.  You may even choose to share this unique gift basket with your own cheering squad to spice up the food selections and add a festive decor to the festivities.  Loaded with traditional game-time snacks and other gourmet food gifts, a sports gift basket is perfect for the occasion and sure to create many smiles and high-fives. In the least, it is a clever way to inspire the spirit and tip-off the day fully prepared to celebrate the joy of Saturday and your favorite college football team.

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