We might be focusing a lot on the crib mattress and how you can get the best purchase but we failed to realize the importance of a crib mattress pad. A crib mattress pad is actually the cover that you place over the mattress. There are actually a lot of characteristics of the crib mattress pad. We will discuss in this article the qualities that you need to look for in the crib mattress pad.

First we need to consider that it should be waterproof. It is a fact that crib mattresses are very expensive and we want to protect it from getting wet to avoid bacteria breeding in it so choosing a mattress pad that is water proof is a very wise decision.

Next thing that we need to consider is the durability. If you have purchased the best crib mattress and you already consider it as an investment, you also need to make sure a high quality crib mattress cover. It should be made with very durable textile material that could last over the years. It should be washable and of course hypoallergenic.

When washing your mattress cover, you have to make sure that you are washing it the correct way. Always check for package insert for instructions on the correct way of washing it. You also would want to make sure that “bleeding textiles” is not wise to choose to avoid difficulties in washing.

Lastly, we need to consider the comfort that it brings to your baby. Since your newborn baby sleeps most of the time we have to make sure that your mattress cover is made of 100% cotton so as to make it very comfortable to your baby and make them feel snug and fit. Giving the best for your baby is always what matters most!

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