Crinkle toys are those wonderful little toys that are often passed by when shopping at the toys store. They are not large, they are not high tech and they often do not stand out on the shelves. However, they are one of a very young infants favorite toys. Often, they are not even found in the toy section of the store but in the baby items, along with the baby clothes, and diapers, and formula. These wonderful little toys are very soft, and either come in bright colors to capture your attention on in pastel shades of pink, blue, green and yellow.

The fabric is made to be very soft on the outside, and inside there is another synthetic fabric that makes a crinkly sound when touched or moved. This sound, much like the sound of paper being crunched up, delights a young child senses. As many parents will attest, their infants first Christmas was not one where the child was interested in any toys but in the paper surrounding the gift. It is that sound, and the colors that capture their interest.

Besides making a delightful sound many of the crinkle toys have teethers attached. Everyone knows what ever the baby holds often heads right for their mouth so these plastic attached teethers serve as something for the baby to chew away while playing with the toy. These toys are also often made not to be grasped and picked up, as the baby has not yet learned this function of his hands, but to be merely held and enjoyed. Each time he moves his hand or body the crinkly toy makes its sound and quickly brings back the child’s attention to the object.

Why not check out these adorable crinkle toys for yourself and see just how cute they can be? They are relatively inexpensive and are safe for children from newborns on up. Get one for your favorite infant and watch with delight at how much then enjoy this very special gift!

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