How to change a diapered baby

While it might seem like this kind of thing would come naturally, the fact is that it does not. It takes afore knowledge and practice to be proficient at this task. If you are a new mother or father and have never changed a baby’s diaper before, listen carefully to the following instructions. Even after you have read how to do it, it will probably take some good practice before your baby is in their diaper quickly and efficiently.

First you will need to gather all the things you need. Bring the wet wipes, powder, a change of pants if necessary, a new diaper, etc. It is important that you bring all of these things before you lay your child on the changing table. Better yet, you should have a cupboard or hanging shelf right above the changing table where all these things are kept for easy access. Never leave your baby unattended on the table. It is just too dangerous.

Next, lay your diapered baby on the changing table. Place the new diaper underneath your child. Then you will proceed to undo the straps on either side of the diaper until it opens. Gently lift the baby up by his ankles with your left hand and remove the soiled diaper. With your right hand, grab a wet wipe and begin cleaning your baby’s bottom. It may take four or five wet wipes to finish the job.

When you are done, lay him back down onto the clean diaper.
Fold the diaper up, tape the sides so it is tight but not too tight. Your finger should be able to fit in between the diaper and your baby’s stomach. Once you have put the new one on, place your child in a crib or other safe spot and clean up whatever mess is on the changing table. Wrap the soiled diaper in a plastic bag and toss it in a diaper waste disposal bin. Next, wash your hands thoroughly and then dress your child.

Potty training your Toddler
When your diapered baby is about seven months old, it is a good time to start training him to sit on a potty. Usually babies go toilet at a certain time every day. It will help you to know when you need to make your toddler sit on the potty. At this point you do not need to expect that he will only go when he is on the potty. He will still soil his diapers, but have patience and train him to be comfortable sitting for a length on the potty.

The next step is when your toddler is about 11 months old. Now is the time to let him sit on the potty until he does his daily business. Establish a schedule. Put him on the potty fist thing in the morning and right after breakfast. Then again before his midday nap and after he wakes up from nap. You should expect him to do something in the potty before you take him off. He may not enjoy this idea, but you have to be firm. Toddlers are too young to understand any kind of punishment, so instead try to distract him with toys or books while he sits on the potty. Before long, you will have a completely potty trained child.

To encourage potty training rather than resort to diaper punishment, get some fun bedding for the child. A cot bed duvet which is thick and warm is a good idea and a cot bed duvet cover with an unusual design can be interesting for the child. Get a cot bed with a ‘cool’ design. Your babies cot bedding will look great. A swinging crib can be a really fun bed time if mum invests!

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