Fruits basket is probably the most healthy gift you can send to friends, clients, and family members. According to the nutritional guidelines adopted by the United States Department of Agriculture, 2-4 servings of fruits per day are needed to obtain good health. Fruits are low in calories and fat, and are rich in natural sugars, fibers, vitamins, and phytonutrients. Phytonutrients are plant chemicals that are thought to promote human health. In today’s post, we will look at the health benefits of apples and pears. In our next post, we will look at the health benefits of oranges and grapefruits.

The old saying ” An apple a day keeps the doctor away” may have more scientific backing than we thought. Apples are full of vitamin A, C and E, and small amounts of most B vitamins, especially folate (vitamin B9). Apples are also rich in fiber, including the soluble fiber pectin; and phytonutrients, including quercetins, and catechin, which are strong antioxidants. Antioxidants help neutralize harmful free radicals that may cause cancer, heart disease, and macular degeneration. Human population studies have shown that apple consumption lowered the risk of cancer, especially lung cancer. Apple consumption has been linked with lower risk of heart disease, and type II diabetes.

The health benefits of eating apples and their good taste provide enough good reasons for you to consider sending an apple basket for any gifting occasion. You can send this apple gift box filled with a dozen of seasonal sweet and crunchy apples, including Galas, Braeburns, and Granny Smiths. These crisp and juicy apples will delight any apple fan.

Similar to apples, pears contain vitamins A, B1, B2, C, E, folic acid and niacin. They are also a good source of the water soluble fiber pectin. Pears also contain the phytonutrient quercetin, although in a lower amount than in apple skins. Moreover, pears are hypoallergenic fruits, so they are less likely to produce allergic reactions in people who suffer from allergies. Pear consumption has been linked with lowered risk of developing asthma and certain cancer.

You can offer the health benefits of apples and pears by sending an apples and pears gift box to your recipients. This gift contains 6 seasonal apples and 6 seasonal pears for your recipients to enjoy.

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