A baby gift basket isn’t just a basket you stuff full of baby gifts for a mom-to-be, it’s also a way to personalize your gift and make it something your friend and loved one will treasure as a memory of this very special time in her life.
Baby gift baskets are an increasingly popular gift for expectant moms, as they can be stuffed full of diapers, wipes, clothes, gift cards and other things new moms will need to welcome a new life into the world. As the cost of raising a child from birth to age 18 for middle class families now stands at more than $220,000, helping new parents with the expensive first year of a child’s life is important, particularly in the tough economy we’re now facing.

Most gift baskets are made of wicker, but plastic baskets are also common. When you give a baby gift basket, you want it to be attractive, so you’ll need to put a little thought into decorating it. There’s no one right way to decorate a baby gift basket, but there are some common themes that most decorators use.

The following are a few ideas for decorating your baby gift basket.

Ribbons — Ribbons are a staple of baby gift basket decorating. You can pick blue or pink ribbons, depending on the child’s gender, or decorate the gift basket with any athletic, college or other affiliation colors of the mom-to-be. Ribbons are a fun and easy way you can spruce up the appearance of your baby gift basket.
Getting the gender right — When decorating your baby gift basket, try to keep the child’scin mind and avoid making a basket for a boy too “girly” and vice versa. If the gender of the child is not yet none, keep the decoration of the basket non-gender specific by using neutral colors and avoiding blue and pink.
Keep the theme in mind — Many baby showers these days have themes. If you’re going to a themed baby shower, keep your basket design in line with the theme. For example, a basket incorporating bread int the design could be appropriate for a “bun baking in the oven” themed shower. For beach-themed showers, sea shells or a bucket and plastic shovel may be appropriate.
Basket lining — The paper you line your baby gift basket can be a powerful decorating tool, setting the tone for the whole basket. Try to choose colors that fit the gender of the child, the content of the gifts and/or the theme of the baby shower.
Use the gifts — You can use the gifts you buy to help decorate your gift basket. For example, if your basket is heavy on stuffed animals, you can arrange them in such a way to add to the attractiveness of the gift basket. A typical gift basket design involves arranging diapers (a gift basket staple) in a circle around the edge of the basket.
Floral arrangements — Some folks choose to use flowers to help spruce up a baby gift basket. There’s a variety of ways you can incorporate flowers into the design of your gift basket, but one of the most common is weaving flowers in around the edges of the basket, creating a vine like wrap-around. One popular technique is to use baby’s breath stems around the edges of the basket.
Incorporate the gifts into the basket design — You can use the gifts you’re giving the mom-to-be to help decorate your baby gift basket. Arrange the diapers in a fan around the edges of the gift basket or arrange the other gifts in a way to incorporate them into the overall aesthetic appeal of the gift basket.
As you can see, there are many ways to make a baby gift basket attractive and personal. If decorating isn’t your thing, store clerks and personal shoppers can help put a baby gift basket together for you, following basic instructions about theme and the type of gifts being given. With the right decoration, you can ensure your gift basket will be something the mom-to-be will appreciate and remember fondly.

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