It is a fact that the feet of babies and toddlers grow fast. It may also happen that kids outgrow shoe pairs before reaching the age of 3. When looking for the show size of toddlers and babies, be aware that the sizes of baby boy shoes overlap. Plus, shoe sizes vary depending on the manufacturer.

Crib Baby Boy Shoes
Crib shoes are essentially designed to be worn by newborns or babies aged six months. These are normally made out of breathable and lightweight fabric. Usually, crib shoes are sized anywhere from 00 to size 2. If you want to purchase crib shoes and plan to utilize inches as a size guide, be aware that if the length of a baby’s heel to his toes is 1.6875 inches, this equals to size one baby boy shoes. Meanwhile, 2.625 inches is equal to size two shoes.

Crawling Baby Boy Shoes
Meanwhile, baby shoes for crawling are soft-soled and are made for babies who are starting to crawl and stand all on their own. Such shoes are meant to protect a baby’s growing feet and offer babies the opportunity to be active until they are nine months old. Such shoes arrive in sizes anywhere from zero to three. As much as possible, babies aged 1 year old and below need to have their baby feet measured per month specifically prior to purchasing new shoes.

Walking Baby Boy Shoes
Believe it or not, there are also baby boy shoes meant for walking. These shoes are specially designed for babies aged anywhere from nine months to three years old. Walking shoes offer support for toddlers and babies enabling them to run, walk, jump and climb. When purchasing walking shoes, do not forget that these need to be durable, breathable and are not at all heavy on the feet or hard. For babies or toddlers aged anywhere from 1 to 2 years, their feet need to be measured at least every month or two. Meanwhile, toddlers who are aged two years old and above must measure their feet per three months. Take note that walking shoes measure anywhere from size 2 to size 8. Also, the sizes of baby boy shoes vary per brand and for each manufacturer. Still, the most effective way to determine the size of your baby’s feet is by actually allowing them to try the shoe on. When you are purchasing shoes online, try to pay very close attention to the size guidelines provided by the manufacturer.

All in all, baby boy shoes come in all shapes and sizes. Be proud to know that your baby is now walking. Currently, there are lots of cute and adorable selections for baby boy shoes. These vary in color and price. Remember that the best baby boy shoes are those which do not hinder the walking experience of your baby. There are many reasons for babies to trip so make sure that the shoes will not be one of them. Also, regularly check the shoes of your baby for any sign of wear and tear.

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