Why buy suits for toddlers?

Formal occasions demand everyone to dress up in a certain way irrespective of age. But some people tend to dress their little ones in casual clothes only even on formal celebrations, thinking it to be waste of money to buy suits for toddlers. But casual clothes on formal occasions do not gel together very well. And if your little one is old enough, he might feel left out, odd and neglected on seeing everyone dressed up formally if you make him wear a jeans and shirt to the party. Therefore, formal suits are a very important part of your junior’s wardrobe.

What are the options available?

When it comes to suits for toddlers, the options are limitless. This is because, unlike adults’ clothing, kids’ clothes can be experimented with in any way. So, there are more colors, designs, cuts and material available in boys suits than there are in men’s suits. But, your topmost priority while dressing up your little kid in formal attire should be his comfort. Remember, you might be able to tolerate and keep style over comfort for your dresses, but kids would want more comfort than style any day. Therefore, you must ensure that the suits that you buy fit your boy nicely. They should neither be too large nor too tight.

Children’s skin is also more delicate than adults’. So, you should only buy a fabric that feels soft and cozy on your child’s body. Suits made from 100% polyester are your best bet in this regard. As far as the color of the suit is concerned, the options are very many, but the most popular colors are black, white and ivory. Though you can choose any color that suits your sweetheart, it is advisable to opt for a darker shade. This is because children tend to play around a lot and are also less careful about their clothes while eating. So, dressing up your darling in a light color might be risky for you, as the fabric might get dirty and show itself pretty soon.

Talking about the suit’s design, it entirely depends upon your taste. You can either opt for a tuxedo or dress suit or just a formal shirt. But, it is wiser to choose the design according to the temperature.

For example, you should never dress up your child with a shirt, vest and a tux if the weather is hot and sultry. It would be more appropriate to make your boy just wear a plain shirt with a tie and trousers in this case.

Lastly, after you have bought a nice suit, do remember to buy toddler shoes for your little one as well. Plain leather black baby shoes are the safest bet, as they suit almost everything.

What about my girl’s formal clothes?

Girls always beat boys when it comes to the range of options available in casual or formal wear, accessories or even swim wear. This is true for toddler girls clothing as well. When you are out to buy clothes for your princess, you are bound to get confused as the range of colors, designs, fabrics, drapes, accessories is absolutely mind boggling. But, with girls clothes also, you should always keep comfort over style and bling.

What about purchases for younger children?
To encourage potty training invest in books on diaper punishment, a well diapered baby is a happy one – and buy some great bedding. A cot bed duvet which is loaded with feathers is nice and a cot bed duvet cover with a smooth fabric can be lovely. Get a cot bed with ‘trendy’ imagery on it. Your babies cot bedding will be the coolest in town. A swinging crib is worth buying if you can afford it – children love these.

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