Many people, especially adults have difficulty in choosing the perfect kids slippers. A quick walk down the aisle containing slippers for kids will reveal that there are many different colors as well as styles. Slippers are available in cartoon characters as well as animals. How does the adult decide which set the child would want.

In addition to slippers that are pleasing to the child, the adult should consider safety and comfort.

Are they safe?
Most young children are very active. They may be running or jumping in the home. With the trend for homes to install hard surfaced floors, non skid slippers are more important than ever. The non skid sold can prevent accidents due to slips and falls. Such soles can be found on the kids slipper as well as kids slipper socks.

In addition, when purchasing slippers for homes with very young children avoid the shoes that have small parts, which could come off the slipper, and become a choking hazard. Whether the child that will be wearing the slipper is young enough to put these objects in their mouth or they have a younger sibling, avoid the decorative pieces that might be a danger to the child.

Are they washable?
Since kids are not always as careful with their slippers as they should be, the slippers can become dirty quickly. In this case it is important to choose something that is washable. Buyers will find several Acorn kids slippers that are made of machine washable polar fleece. These slippers can be tossed into the washing machine with the child’s pajamas and be ready for the evening when it is time for comfort. Always read the label for care instructions. Follow the instructions for the longest wear of the slippers.

Are they durable?
While children’s feet grow quickly, it is still important that adults choose durable slippers for the child. You do not want to choose slippers that will fall apart the first wearing. Many people choose sheepskin slippers for both their durability and the warmth they provide. The wool on the inside of the slipper provides a cushion and insulation while the leather exterior gives the needed durability to provide slippers that last.

Do they fit?
Slippers that fit correctly will be the most comfortable for the child and last the longest. In addition, they are more likely to be worn than a shoe that is too large or too small. When the shoe is too small, the toes are cramped and the foot is uncomfortable. When they are too large, the shoe becomes a safety hazard. The child could trip over his or her own footwear and be injured. In the same vein of thought, avoid slippers that have large characters or plush padding that can cause the child to trip as well.

The best way to choose the correct size is to have the child try the footwear on. With your fingers, feel the child’s toe through the shoe when he or she is standing. There should be about one half inch (a finger width) between the end of the toes and the end of the slipper. Take into account any thick filling that may be included in the footwear.

Are their other alternatives?
Some children simply refuse to wear kids slippers. They may not enjoy the feel of the slippers or may not find them comfortable. Slipper socks for kids are often a great option. These socks have a non-skid material across the bottoms of the feet that provide for safety and fit more like socks than shoes. Most are quite inexpensive, so it is possible to have several pairs. These socks can even be worn while the child is sleeping.

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