Babies tend to enjoy sleeping in their cribs for a long time, sometimes past the point of toddler age. At some point though, your toddler will have outgrown his or her crib and simply not fit it any longer. Cot beds are the next destination. Be aware that your child may resist the change at first, after all, we adults have trouble transitioning from something we are familiar with too, but you can make it easier by involving your toddler in the shopping experience, even making him believe that he can choose his bed on his own.

Of course, you will be the one ultimately choosing the type of bed that works space-wise and coordinating to the room’s colors, but feeling as if the decision did belong to him may make the difference between a stubborn child refusing to cooperate – and the much preferred and happier scenario of a toddler eager to sleep in his new bed.

Types of Beds & Mattresses
Unlike a regular bed, cot beds are of lower height and can be reached by your little one without an adult’s assistance. There are so many different cot bed designs and options, some may even feature your child’s favorite character or even be in the shape of a castle or racing car, making shopping for a toddler bed a fun experience. Price ranges vary, but almost all options are a lot cheaper than a regular bed.

Once you find the most suitable bed that fits the available space in the bedroom and pleases your baby, you will need to look for a good quality mattress for cot beds. Although some cot beds mattress are included in the price, often times it is a separate purchase. Thicker mattresses will obviously be more comfortable, but being that this purchase is strictly for little ones – more than 4-inch thickness will not make much of a difference. In addition, just like adults, it is important to have your little one try it out for comfort – after all, there is almost nothing worse than a cranky toddler caused by an uncomfortable mattress or bed preventing a refreshing sleep.

Investing in a good mattress is worthwhile – ensuring a cozy sleep space that makes for a happy family – avoiding unnecessary midnight crying or bleary eyed kid for lack of a good night’s rest.

Cot Bedding
As your toddler graduates to a bigger bed, the baby bedding that you used for the crib until now will no longer be of use and you will need to go shopping for the special-sized bedding for cot beds. Consider the theme of your toddler’s room, something that he will enjoy even as he grows a little older so that it can be useful for a while. Perhaps you can even use the pillowcase and blanket from his crib bedding and postpone the cot duvet purchase for later – but sheets are necessary as the crib and cot bed mattress sizes are completely different. Alternatively, you may decide to do a complete makeover, redecorating the room with new colors including completely new bedding set for your toddler’s new cot bed upgrade. A diaper caddy is a useful addition here.

Beyond bedding and according to the theme or type of cot bed you chose for your toddler, there are many ways to make your baby’s transition to a “real bed” easier. Having fun accessories on the bed, for example, wheels on a car bed, a slide, or canopy for a poster bed will make bedtime easier and exciting too. It is all about making it pleasant for your toddler to want to go to bed and have a comfortable nights rest.

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