Valentine is not just V.A.L.E.N.T.I.N.E.; it is a notion of love and an epic of emotions. We can have a day to celebrate in name of love. With a word valentine-gift what come in mind is cuddly bears, red roses, and chocolates, red heart shaped balloons, red wine, scented candles and aroma kits.

For a valentine, nothing could be better than a surprise valentine day gift basket. For making of valentine gift basket, valentine gift basket ideas are a must to have to take a start. A few exclusive ideas for valentine gift baskets are as follows:

  • The basket making art starts with the choice of right basket. Valentine gift baskets look great in plain wooden baskets, in red baskets, in champagne buckets, in ice buckets or in even paper baskets in red color with golden printed hearts…Ahh wow, simply breathtaking right??
  • Now comes the second step, to choose the right filler for the basket. You can use sea shells, red or clear or silver cellophane paper, cellophane strips, soft hand made paper, paper cut hearts, small spongy red hearts or even scented crumbled tissue papers.
  • Third step is the most important one, as it is related to what to put in it. CD of romantic songs, red roses, scented candles, a pair of goblets, a bottle of champagne or wine, a bottle of massage oil, bath soaps, salts, aroma therapy oils, bubble bath, lotions, powders, stuff toys specially bears, chocolates, heart shaped balloons, handmade postcards or cards and anything extra personal you would like to add!!
  • Last and final step; wrap the whole thing in red cellophane sheets and tie it with golden and silver metallic ribbons. Hang some small red hearts made of paper, sponge, porcelain or whatever; but it definitely adds that lovable touch to it.

So here’s your valentine gift basket now….complete and ready to be gifted!!! One more thing I would like to add here is that Valentine is not limited to the lovers. It can be celebrated by anyone who cares for someone and would love him/ her in any form.

You can make a valentine grandparent basket, for your beloved grandparents living away from you. To make this basket, fill a big basket with your children’s artwork, letters, and recent photographs, gifts made by the children, framed family picture and other fun items like candy, cocoa mix, coffee or tea.

Take a plain white mug and let your children decorate it with painted red hearts or flowers. Similarly you can make it for your parents; mother or father, brothers, sisters, best friends and even pets (why not pets? At least I love my cat the most?)

One more tip I would love to share; start shopping before time as the prices of the things go to the sky limit around the valentine’s day. And should I share my little secret with you?

Ok… Shop for the next years valentine’s day right from the end of February. The prices are the least at this moment of the year when nobody wants the valentine stuff as they just bought it!!!

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