Strider KTM balance bike is one of the latest products in the balance bike market currently. In the market which is full of competition, you will find that there are a lot of improvements made on the Strider KTM balance bike compared with the previous bikes from the company.

Strider KTM balance bike has got a better balanced frame compared with other balance bikes in the industry. In order to have good balancing effect for kids, the company tried their best to simulate a child’s riding experience. Therefore, providing extraordinary results, allowing children to gain balance at a faster rate without the bike getting in the way of development.

Compared with other competitors in the market, Strider KTM balance bike is relatively more expensive. However, this is because there are some features included which could help to make Strider KTM balance bike more durable.

Firstly, the bike has a lot of adjustable parts. With these adjustable parts, the overall shape of the bike can be adjusted simply by the parents or the users. Therefore, parents can make the bike suitable for kids from 1 to 5 years old to use. This means that they would not need to purchase a new bike because of kids growing in size. Even though their kids grow, they can still use the bike after making the necessary adjustments and this is surely something that the company would want the parents to benefit from.

Instead of wasting resources to have the complicated designs for the bike, the company tried to use a simple design that is low to the ground and leaves space for users to create and grow. There are spaces for the users to make the bikes unique. Kids can use paints to decorate the bike conveniently under the guidance of the parents or other adults. Therefore, you can see that there would be a lot of unique bikes in a garden even though the model is still Strider KTM balance bike.

In order to let kids enjoy the ride more, the company designed a comfortable bar for kids to grip while they are riding. Previously, the company was criticized for making bikes which would easily hurt the hands of the kids. Therefore, Strider bikes are designed in response to these complaints and this has successfully made a lot of customers feel happy.

The protection granted by balance bike is stronger than traditional bikes. Since the overall design of balance bike is small, kids can control them well. The lack of accessories such as basket also helps kids to find the balance during their ride more routine. These features make Strider balance bikes quite popular nowadays.

In conclusion, Strider KTM balance bike has features which are leading the market. It is expected that there would be more and more innovations being included in balance bikes from this company and there would be more and more customers being satisfied with the quality of the products from this company.

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