How to Choose the Most Appropriate Baby Shower Party Favors
A baby shower party is a special day for the expecting mother and her husband. Keeping an evidence of the event, aside from photographs, is therefore a must. This is understood by baby shower planners and hostesses. They always feel the need to give something away to the guests, whether in a form of prizes or souvenirs, as keepsake for the event.

The Concept

“What kind of baby shower party favors should I give to the guests?” Have you found yourself asking this question as you begin selecting the right baby shower party favors for the event? Actually, this is where it all begins—deciding on the concept of the keepsake. Will it be a candle, a statuette, a small jar of candies, a small bag of chocolates, a vanity kit, or a photo holder? The gender of the baby and the theme of the party will mainly define the concept of your baby shower party favors. In addition, color association also goes with those two factors. Typically, blue is used when the baby is a boy while pink for baby girls. However, you do not ave to go strictly with this norm.

Simple or Unique or Both?

Whether you will go simple or elaborate with your party favors is another decision to make. There is nothing wrong with going for simple concepts and designs. However, make sure that you can make them elegant and attractive. Moreover, being so generic can sometimes lessen the value of the keepsake. On the other hand, choosing unique baby shower party favors can add more value to the items, making them more worth keeping. They can also appear more special and can stir stories about the event. Consider also veering away from the common baby shower party favors that have been tried and tested and have become a cliché on every baby shower party. Do not be afraid to try something new.


Giving out souvenirs that are personalized also makes the keepsakes more valuable. Indicate the names of the baby and his or her parents on the thank you tag, the date and venue of the event, and some inspirational quotes or Bible verses to make the baby shower party favors more memorable. You can also write the names of the guests on each piece of souvenir.

Shop Around

If you want to save money on buying baby shower party favors, take the time to shop around and find the store that sells or makes party favors at the most competitive price. You can easily shop for party favors stores and compare their prices online. Check out the prices in at least three different stores before finally doing business with one. Aside from shopping online, you can also ask for recommendations from your neighbors, family members, relatives, or friends who had held baby showers before. Make sure that the store you will be doing business with has enough experience in the craft and produces high quality products.

Unique Ideas

If you are having a hard time conceptualizing the baby shower party favors you want to give away, consider these unique ideas: mint rolls in personalized wrapper, cutely shaped cookie cutters, heart-shaped kitchen utensils, homemade cookies or pastries with theme-inspired decorations, personalized or handmade tissue cases, personalized lip balms, pedicure and manicure sets arranged in a polka-dotted purse, elegantly designed letter opener, custom-made wine bottle stoppers, baby shower favors stored in a baby clothing-like packaging, and a lot more. You can look up more unique ideas for party favors in the Internet or in magazines.

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