A gift basket for men!! What’s the first thing that comes in your mind? Off course something manly, something in blue, grey or black. May be something with a hint of sports or any surprise you have long been planning for.

But what I believe is that a sport is the first and the last thing men think of. There is one thing that I would love to share with you, really do try this. Ask any man about what he likes to eat; he’ll take a few seconds to answer.

But ask him about his favorite sports and I am sure before even your question is complete, he’ll pop up the answer. I think I’ve had enough (I hope no man is going to read this otherwise….)

Ok now some simple, great ideas which are creative yet trendy. For that spots-man in your life, the first thing you need to do is to make sure what sport he is into.

Then start making up your mind, how much you can spend on it, the next you need is to shop. Now you can use these basic basket craft ideas for the guidelines and then can transform into something new using your own creativity.

  1. If you have enough money in hand, then the best idea is to use a sports helmet as agift basketitself, filled with other things. You can use anything from baseball cap to football helmet.

But if you have limited budget, then buy a crafts paper basket, either plain one of his favorite color or you can even make a one with a printed paper with his own picture playing that sport.

  1. Now you can fill the paper craft basket, cap or helmet with the things you purchased.

You can buy sports cards, tickets to any next upcoming tournament, laces for shoes, boots or skates, lace tighteners, mineral oils, bath oils, shower gels, sports sprays, any sports videos,subscription to his favorite sports magazine, his favorite player’s poster, sports towels, water bottles, sports bars/power bars, energy drinks or any book or a small figure or centre piece depictive of his sports.

  1. Take special care whenmaking a sports basket. Don’t forget to line the helmet with some paper or cloth before you fill it up, as he might not like the new helmet with any smell or fragrance left of the things you’ve put in it.
  2. One more thing…..Sports is not always an outdoor sport; it can be an indoor as well. Your man might be a fan of poker, chess, snooker, or even play-station!!! So give him what he likes!!! You can even put a pack of cards, pocket chess, or even play-station games if he’s into it.

With so many sports, it is rare that anyone doesn’t like any sport. After you have so many options, you should not let go any chance to make your man a sports gift basket. So make him one soon, whatever the next event is coming. He’ll love it for sure!!!!

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