It can be hard to justify buying tons of baby furniture when you know those precious times go by very fast! What if the items you buy can last your little one their entire childhood? With today’s market, you have options that can transmute or transition from the nursery to big kid bedroom furniture with just a few additions or tweaks. Here are some great pieces that can start in the nursery and continue on to college and beyond.

Convertible Cribs

What’s better than a first-rate comfy crib for your nursery? It’s a crib that can continue to be the best sleeping space for your child’s big kid room too! Parents today, have tons of options to choose from when it comes to crib styles and cribs that convert to bigger beds such as: toddler bed, daybed, twin or fullsize bed.. Some cribs have spare pieces you can get, to keep for later on, to ensure everything is ready to go when your child is ready for that larger bed. You can choose between 2, 3 and 4 stages of converting options, so you can determine what is best for your growing family.

Combo Changers

Lucky for parents, there are many storage items that offer an array of functions and uses. Combo Changers are a real big hit because they have the storage room to fit tons of little baby clothes, along with plenty of space for diapering essentials, but they also have room for a changing pad on top. Then when the time is right, you can remove the pad and fill this unit up with your child’s bigger sized clothes now that diapering necessities are no longer needed. Add a hutch up top to bring the storage vertical and add baskets and bins for toys and photos and keepsakes to display. Now that’s what I call transitional baby furniture!

The Almighty Armoire

No other piece of baby furniture matches the grandeur and organizational options that is provided by the armoire. This stately piece of baby furniture can be used first in the nursery then in the big kid room, then in a guest room, play room or the family room! It might cost a little more, but it also provides more bang for the buck!

Use as a closet and as extra crib bedding storage space in the beginning and then change it later and use it as the perfect media center for video games and movies, or clothing and accessory organization.

Hampers, Basket & Bins

Baby items are even littler than you can imagine when you start trying to figure out how to coordinate them! Even the most standard sized drawer can swallow little newborn socks and onesies. Plus, you don’t get everything in one size, most parents start out with items from birth to at the least 12 months old. How do you organize all this within the expansive cabinets and drawers in the nursery? Many turn to baskets and bins to sort and store items within drawers, closets and under beds. But these items have uses that span any room and any phase of life. The older children get the smaller and more expensive the toys get, so having these extra storage pieces will be a huge help. Keep them under the bed or on closet shelves if your child has taken up the hutch shelves for display space.

The baby hamper can become a storage space for extra toys or shoes once your child’s wardrobe grows and a bigger hamper is needed.

The days of minimal crib choices are gone and now parents have tons of choices in color and style. The sky’s the limit on how you want to design and adorn your new family member’s space. You can go with modern, classic, shabby chic, European, vintage and antique styles. And that is just the tip of the ice berg! You can get items anywhere from lavender, to apple green or ebony. If you make the right choices and invest in pieces that are good quality and are designed to transform to suit your growing child’s needs through every stage of life then your money will be well spent.

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