Gift baskets are fun to make. I never buy prefabricated gift baskets as they are like just another basket. Imagine your own self, wouldn’t you like having a personal basket with the things you really admire and would love to use?

So do everyone out there!! There are certain tips on making gift baskets, these tips take account of how do you wrap a gift basket, gift basket theme ideas andcrafting gift basket ideas. Looking for the right recipes for gift basket making? Don’ you worry, I’ll help you in it.

The first and the most important tip is to have a theme and stick to it. The person whom you are intended to gift the basket to is the guide himself/herself.

The theme can be anything, simply anything including Thank You, Congratulations, Birthday, Get Well Soon, New Baby Arrival, Housewarming, Retirement, Wedding, Wedding Anniversary, Sympathy, Condolence, Corporate Events, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Valentines Day, Administrative Assistance Week, Easter, Bosses Day, Grandparents Day, Friendship Day, Hanukkah, Roman, Thanksgiving, Sports gifts and Christmas.

Once you have decided the basket theme, and then start shopping for it accordingly. For example on father’s day you can give him a sports gift basket, similarly on a Mother’s day you can present her with an aroma therapy gift basket or a crafter’s basket.

You will also need some good basket weaving supplies for your project

Now here comes the importance of personal interests, choices, likes, dislikes and preferences. Though the right theme helps a lot but what’s in the basket means more than that.

Give a personal touch by adding things they are looking for, or might wished to have them or the things that they are always crazy about. A few ideas that can give you a boost up to get happening are:

  • You can make a basket for the women of any age by adding a silk scarf, scarf clip, earrings, belt, broach, necklace, perfume, evening purse, any cosmetic item, cosmetic holders, a colorful key-ring with matching wallet or a small diary.
  • For all those technology lover ladies you can even give them matching pens and iPod covers, colorful phone pouches and anything you think the lady would love to have.
  • For young school going child, there is always a need for something to keep busy his inquisitive mind which is helpful for him and will keep stray of wastage of time in petty things. Try filling the basket with some things that are useful in expanding his skills and knowledge.
  • Add some DIY projects for kids, Rubik’s cube, 3D puzzle, jigsaw puzzle, word-search book, and puzzle solving books, crossword puzzle book, slider puzzles, craft books, child recipe books, a pocket dictionary or an encyclopedia.
  • Pet lovers will feel simply great if you give their pets as much importance as they do. Make a cat’s or dog’s (or any pet’s accordingly) basket by adding food and water dishes, collar, brush, catnip ball, rubber ball, rubber mice or other cat toys, book on cat care, squeaky toy, rawhide bone, dog biscuits, dog brush, dog collar, leashes, pet blankets or even food for their pets.

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