Personalized and Unique Baby Gifts You Should Be Giving
A baby is a precious and a unique gift, and this is why babies deserve presents that are as precious and unique as they are. If you will be giving a gift for a baby shower, baptism, birthday or any other occasion, settle for nothing less than personalized and unique baby gifts. Know that the little one will be receiving a lot of presents, so you have to get something that will stand out among the lot, but that which the recipient and the parents will certainly love.

Alphabet Quilt
Baby blankets are among the most popular gifts given to babies, and it is for this reason that they are no longer unique. Many baby blankets, particularly those embroidered with the baby’s name, have been given throughout the years. In fact, some babies may have received more than one on a particular occasion. If you want to give an unforgettable present, give a colorful and personalized alphabet quilt instead. Such quilt would definitely be considered among the best personalized and unique baby gifts.

Aside from having the baby’s name, the quilt you will give also features ABCs as well as animals whose names start with certain letters. While a quilt is best for keeping one warm, this particular one also does double duty as an educational item. You can purchase such quilt (it is available online), but you can also make your own if you like. If you would be making the quilt yourself, do not forget to choose bright colors.

Baby Blocks
No baby toy collection will be complete without baby blocks. The wooden blocks with letters of the alphabet are not only educational toys, because they also serve as added décor in a child’s room. You might want to give baby blocks as gifts, but many people may have the same thing in mind. For baby blocks to become personalized and unique baby gifts, you need to have them engraved with details such as the baby’s name, birth date, place of birth and parents’ names. By personalizing the blocks, you turn the toy into a special keepsake that even the parents would want for themselves.

Another keepsake worth giving that also counts as one of the personalized and unique baby gifts is a shadowbox. One shadowbox in particular that would be a noteworthy gift to a baby girl is a three-dimensional one available online that features a clothesline wherein five items are hanged. You can choose from several items to hang on the clothesline, such as a teddy bear, blanket and overalls. It is these items that you can customize. This keepsake, which is encased in glass, is big enough to serve as the holder of the baby’s first shoe. It also doubles as a décor in the baby’s room.

Keepsake Kit
Instead of giving the parents a keepsake, you can allow them to make their own thanks to one of the best personalized and unique baby gifts available out there—the deluxe baby keepsake kit. This gift enables parents to display the baby’s picture along with the baby’s handprint and footprint. Sold at Red Envelope, this present comes with non-toxic clay. All the parents have to do is press the hand or foot on the clay to get the imprint. Frames are available in three colors: espresso, mahogany and white. This gift is such a sure winner that you can expect a thank you gift soon after giving it.

Coin bank
Not everyone will think to give a coin bank to a baby, but you should. After all, it is never too soon to save! Why not kick start a young one’s savings account by giving the parents something to store money in? However, ordinary piggy banks are not personalized and unique baby gifts. Therefore, you should consider buying the special ones instead, like the silver plated ones that can be engraved. Special coin banks created as baby gifts come in various shapes, such trains, boats and even tractors.

One-of-a-Kind Storybook
Every child deserves to be read a good book, and what can be better than a book made specifically for the child?! While there is nothing wrong with giving beloved children’s classics, it is a nice idea to give a personalized book as a present. You need not be a J.K. Rowling to give storybooks that belong to the
personalized and unique baby gifts category. There are books sold online that have customizable text to include the child’s name and birthday, among others. Even if the baby is to young to appreciate it, he or she will soon will. However, expect the parents to be delighted upon receipt.

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