A key benefit of using a baby gift basket to give baby presents to a mom-to-be is the versatility of this gift-giving option. You can use the gift basket to give any variety of gifts, including staples like diapers or wipes or more mom-specific gifts like candles and lotion.
Giving baby gift baskets is an increasingly popular way to give gifts to expectant parents. A baby gift basket can be large or small, allowing givers of differing income levels to give what they can afford. Baby gift baskets are also convenient, in that they can hold several items and make for easy presentation and decoration.

Giving gifts to expectant parents is a traditional — and needed — custom. The costs of raising a child from infancy to adulthood have been steadily rising over the past 50 years, increasing 15 percent in inflation-adjusted dollars since 1960. It’s estimated that a middle class family will spend more than $220,000 on a child between the ages of infancy and 18. Helping them get a headstart on some of these costs with generous gifts of diapers, wipes, baby clothes and other things they’ll need in the expensive first year of a baby’s life can be a great help.

Baby gift baskets allow you to personalize your gift, choosing a theme for the basket or mixing and matching gifts as you please. The versatility of baby gift baskets allow you to personalize your gift, adding that special touch that will endear the gift to the recipient.

Although what you can do with a baby gift basket is virtually limitless, here’s a few common themes and ideas for your gift basket:

The standard baby gift basket consists of a basket, some paper liner, a few ribbons and some necessities such as baby wipes, diapers and perhaps a blanket and some baby clothes. You can personalize the basket by decorating it with ribbon or flowers.

A food-themed basket allows you to give the mom-to-be a basket full of what the baby will need to eat after he or she is born. If the mother wants to breastfeed, you should include items such as sealable breast milk containers she can use to store breast milk in the refrigerator. You may also want to include nipple cream and breast feeding covers. Other gifts you may want to include is formula, for when the child is weaned or if the mother does not plan to breast feed. Bottles and bottle-nipples are also great food-themed gifts. You’ll also want to throw in plenty of bibs and towels as feeding time can get messy.

A bath-themed basket allows you to give the mom-to-be the things she’ll need to bathe the new baby. You can fill it with shampoos and soap, and special baby wash cloths and towels. You may also want to fill the basket with bath time toys such as rubber duckies. A bath-themed basket is often one of the more aesthetically appealing baby gift baskets.

Seasonally-themed baskets allow you a broad range of expression with color and decoration. When you use a seasonally-themed basket you can select colors and items that go with the time of year in which the baby will be born. For example, if the mom-to-be is expecting a winter birth, you can included winter-themed items like coats and gloves. For summer babies, you can fill the basket with beach towels, bathing suits and summer-themed outfits.

Mom-centric baskets allow you to cater to the mom-to-be. Often when there’s a new child in the offing, moms get lost in the excitement. A baby gift basket with gifts for the mom-to-be make her feel more appreciated and will be kindly looked upon. Some great items to include in a mom-themed basket include mom’s favorite music, a candle, scented oils, lotion or mom’s favorite candy or snacks.

As you can see, there are many varieties of gift basket you can use to present your friends or loved ones with a baby gift basket. The versatility of this unique gift item makes it extremely easy for you to add that special touch that will personalize the basket and make it a truly special gift from you to the intended recipient. By picking just the right theme, you can ensure that the person you’re giving the baby gift basket will appreciate and enjoy your gift.

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