Do you always get the same gifts for your sweetheart on Valentines Day? There is so much more to the holiday than the typical cards, flowers and chocolate you’ve gotten every year. Why not surprise your loved one this February with a unique Valentines Day gift basket that shows you actually put a little thought into choosing a gift he or she is sure to love!

For the sender of gift baskets, one of the nicest features is the wide range of prices and variety of gift options. No matter what your budget for Valentines Day gifts, you’ll find a beautifully arranged basket of heartfelt gifts available. The presentation of a carefully put together gift basket makes a terrific impression on your loved one, and you’re instantly appreciated for your thoughtfulness. Gift baskets take the guesswork out of selecting gifts- and can keep you out of the gift card aisle, and away from the last few grocery store flower arrangements on your way to see your significant other on Valentines Day!

For the gift recipient, there’s nothing like the feeling of being loved and knowing they’re special to you when the basket of carefully selected goodies is received!Chocolate that is given as part of a uniquely designed gift basket will taste better, and look better than the tired old heart-shaped box of chocolates they’re used to getting, and all because of how the candy is presented!

Valentines Day gift baskets can be filled with a wide selection of goodies. There are baskets with teddy bears, baskets with scented candles, spa themed basketsfor the bath and pamper loving gal, and baskets with a tasty selection of crackers, cheeses, sweets and treats. Coffees, fancy cappuccino’s and a variety of basket options to hold it all in means you can select something your loved one is sure to enjoy.

Who ever said Valentines Day gifts had to be pink and red and contain chocolate or sweets at all? If you really wanted to give an alternative Valentines Day gift this year, you could venture into the wine gift basket selections, and get your wine lover a classy basket of gourmet goodies and wine to enjoy with your intimate Valentines Day dinner.

Not only can your Valentine enjoy the contents of their gift basket, but the basket or candy dish the gift arrived in can be used to store treasures or decorate the home for years to come. Best of all, each basket is carefully loaded with it’s goodies and decorated with bows or ribbon to make an impressive first impression.

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