Even though we want our children to be happy, we also realize that life has its ups and downs and they’ll have to learn to handle the negative side of the emotional spectrum. It may not be out preference, but negativity is part of life. It’s equally true that a childhood anxiety disorder is definitely not desirable.

One of the challenges a parent faces is helping their children grow and mature to become effective at dealing with anxiety provoking situations. We certainly don’t want them to go through life crippled with fear.

Of course anxiety disorders affect adults as well as children. The fact that these problems have become so common in kids is a sad commentary on our world.

Anxiety, of course, is a feeling of tenseness or nervousness or even fear. It may be associated with an external event or situation or there may be no obvious cause.

In some situations anxiety is a reasonable response. Uncertainty over an outcome about something that’s important to us (such as a job interview) is understandable.

However anxiety can become so severe that it in effects incapacitates a person. When that happens, what used to be a reasonable response has become a problem – an anxiety disorder.

A major indicator that normal anxiety has become an anxiety disorder is when the child has difficulty participating in normal activities, even activities that children generally find enjoyable. If this happens the child really deserves help.

The difficulty for someone raising a child is that it’s difficult to maintain a clear perspective because they’re so close to the child. This is one reason why it can be helpful getting input from other people who have the child’s best interest at heart but aren’t intimately involved in raising them.

It’s also good idea to educate yourself. You might want to look at Childhood Anxiety Disorder to learn the major categories of anxiety problems. This is information I think every parent should be aware of.
There are also anxiety disorder symptoms you should be on the lookout for.

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