When shopping for your baby girl you have a wide range of choices. Most stores have a variety of styles and designs. Your local retailers as well as Designer Boutiques are ready with clothes. While some provide clothing strictly for the newborn and toddler others carry clothing for all age groups including children’s shoes.

Finding Toddler girl clothes
We are all familiar with major retail chains. Wal-Mart, Sears, JC Penney, Macys, Babies R’Us, Baby Gap, Gymboree and Old Navy baby, to name a few. Each of these stores carries a line of toddler girl clothes. While Wal-Mart, JC Penney, Old Navy and Macys cover toddler girl clothes, they also cover girls clothing, boys clothing, baby boy clothes, new born clothing as well as Kids shoes. These are mass marketed clothing stores. You may find less variety to choose from but, you will find quality clothing at reasonable prices.

Baby Gap, Babies R’Us, and Gymboree focus on birth to toddler. Each company carries cute toddler girl clothes individual to the name brand. While these toddler clothing suppliers gear themselves to the mass market in pricing and design, they also follow fashion trends with colors, cuts and fabrics. Generally clothing from these stores is of great quality and design. One of the best items for girls are Baby Converse.

Designer clothes are regularly found in Boutiques or Consignment stores. The price you pay will depend on the boutique price or second hand pricing. In the boutique you will find designer names that commonly are not found in Major retailers. These designers are less about the mass market and more about individual style and taste. This is where you may find that once in a life time dress for her special occasion. You can often find these same designer toddler girl clothes at consignment stores at a greatly discounted price for a slightly worn garment. In the internet age you are also able to purchase toddler girl clothes online from a great many retailers and specialty stores. This allows you to shop at a broad range of stores that would have been out of reach due to distance.

What to watch for
No matter what your budget is there are some areas you should not skimp on. The most important areas to be aware of are Safety, comfort and durability when choosing clothing for your toddler. She is active, inquisitive and growing. The best retailers will:
• avoid small buttons
• adornments that may become choking hazards
• make sure buttons and adornments are sewn tightly and not readily removable

Since your toddler is growing quickly, what may fit today may be able to become tight quickly, watch for zippers and elastic that could pinch you child’s tender skin. Check that the elastic has enough give as not to cut circulation around waist, legs, wrists or neck.

Purchasing a little large but not loose may be a good idea. If you buy the outfit fitting “perfect” you may only get a couple of wears out of it before it is too tight for comfort.

Sewing methods and fabric have quite a bit to do with how they will hold up to your child’s activity. Be sure to note the following: the seams are solid and the fabric is soft and sturdy. Do not be fooled by designer knock offs. If it’s being sold as cheap designer toddler girls clothes, make sure to check the quality. Knock off designs rarely have the same workmanship or price. One item which is worth considering is a diaper caddy. This will help you as a mum or dad at this stage of the parenting process.

When shopping online, choose reputable companies that stand by their products and allow you to exchange your purchases if there is a problem with fit or quality.

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